How does quality score impact your Google Adwords campaign?

Wondering why few keywords has high quality score and few keywords has low quality score? How quality score is going to impact your campaign in both positive and negative way? 

So, you have started your Google Adwords campaign and looking into the performance report and you have seen quality score for your keywords.

What is Quality Score?

Quality score is a dynamic value assigned to each keyword out of 10. Higher quality score means your keyword is relevant to the ad copy and landing page. Higher quality score help you to achieve the high ad position at low CPC. It plays a vital role in Ad rank calculation hence results in low CPC & high ad position. 

There are three factors which impact the Quality score:

  • Click through rate (CTR)
  • Ad copy relevancy – This means how relevant is your Ad copy to the targeted keyword
  • Landing Page – Landing page should be relevant to the Ad Copy & Targeted keyword

If you will take care of above three factors every time you create the campaign you will see high quality score and you will end up getting high CTR and low CPC. 

Not only these factors but your account history also plays role in quality score. So, if you have low quality score in all your previous campaign then you will notice that even in new campaign your quality score will start on lower side. 

However with time and performance this quality score keep improving but always try to create good themed campaign. Good theming not only increase the quality score but it also helps you to manage your campaign in better way, get well structured reporting, easy to optimize and at the end good performance.

How to improve your quality score?

What if you have started your campaign and noticed that your keywords already have low quality score. In this section of article we will talk about how to improve your quality score. 

  • Well Structured ad groups – This is the basic of Google Adwords. You must divide your campaigns into smaller themed ad group. This way you will be able to maintain the relevancy between your keyword and ad copy. 

    Never divide all your keywords in two – three ad groups otherwise you will never able to create relevant ad copy. Let’s suppose you are running a campaign for beverages then you must create different ad groups for Tea, Coffee, Soda, Water, Juice etc. An example of the same is shown below:
Google Adwords Ad Group Structure

Above is the only a sample ad group you can further create separate ad group for organic tea, tea bags, coffee beans etc. Main idea here is to create a tight themed ad group. 

Account organization is the first thing you should plan before jumping to the campaign creation. It is the key to the successful  campaign.

  • Create Relevant Ad Copy  Ad copy is the most important part of your campaign. This is the area where you pitch your product the visitor. This is the frontend part where your targeted visitor will see your ad. 

    Now coming to the backend part where Google will relate your keyword and Ad copy. So, to impress google you have to create your ad copy tailored to the keyword. This will help you to increase the quality score as well as increase the Click Through Rate. 

    If you are feeling to lazy to create relevant ad copy then Google is here for your rescue. You can use Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) to insert the keyword automatically to the Title of your Ad copy. Dynamic keyword Insertion (DKI) has it’s own pros and cons. However, we are not going to cover DKI here. We will discuss this in some other article.  
  • Landing Page – Next in the line to achieve the high quality score is landing page. Your landing page should be relevant to the targeted keywords. However it’s not possible to create a landing page form each and every ad group but if you can do it that will give you great results not only in terms of quality score but in conversion too. 

    So, if search query matches your Ad copy and landing page also says the same as your ad copy the chain is completed and you may have a happy customer.

    Another factor which plays an important role in designing a great landing page is the load time of landing page. High page speed is not only important to get high quality score but also for great user experience. So, take good time to check the landing page speed. 

    There are many free tools are available to check the page speed. I would recommend your to use Google Page Speed or GTMetrix


By following the above suggestion you will able to create a good structured campaign, high quality score, low CPC, High CTR, higher ad position and above all a HAPPY CUSTOMER.

If you know more way to get high quality score please share with us. 

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