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New Google Search Console is Out of Beta with New Features

If you are into digital marketing, blog owner or even tried to run a blog ever. You must be familiar with Google search Console which is previously know as Google Webmaster Tool.

From last few months Google was testing the new Google Search Console. Today when I am writing this post, new version of Search console is out of Beta with even better design and some new features.

Though old version is still available to you because not all the features of old version is still available in new search console. Once all the features is available in new version then Google will remove the old version of search console.

Although features are not available in Search console but you can still access those report in new report. For example, AMP report is not available in new report. But I have accessed AMP report in new version. 

Access AMP report in old version and then click on “Go the new report” showing on top. This will redirect you to the AMP pages in new Search console.

AMP pages in old Google search console
AMP Pages in new Google Search Console

Google Search Console New Features

#1 URL Inspection Tool (Test Live): Run URL inspection on the live version of URL. The inspection tools provide you the details about  crawl, index, and serving information about your pages directly from the Google. 

Enter the URL you  want to inspect and if the URL is indexed in Google you will get the the status report as well as enhancement suggestion.

URL Inspection Result

If the inspected URL is not indexed, Google will let you know the reason of not indexing the URL and you can take action on that.

No Index URL in Google Search Console

#2 Manual Action Report: Now you see manual action and security issue directly on the manual action page and take the action accordingly.

Hope we all find this upgrade more useful for our blog. If you have used the new version of Google search console do share your experience.

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