Introduction to WordPress Gutenberg Editor

WordPress is the most used CMS on the planet and this is so easy to use that I have developed my first blog back in 2007 when I don’t have any coding knowledge. However I still don’t have.

WordPress editor is one thing which remain unchanged from this many years. However I liked the classic editor but always fascinated towards drag & drop, block and page builder kind of editor. Since I am not a Pro blogger so never bought those plugins.

Gutenberg Editor Installation

Finally, today when I login to my wordpress account I see a message to install Gutenberg editor and I went for it immediately. I have activated the plugin and here I got the all new visual editor for free and I decided to write a post on this.

Wordpress Gutenberg Editor

Message on the dashboard says that Gutenberg will be enabled by default in next major release but if you are in love with classic edit you can still use it by installing the classic editor plugin. 

Cutting short and coming to the feature Gutenberg editor is providing. 
The very first thing you will notice a neat and clean space is provided to  focus on your writing. 

In this newly introduced editor you have to build  pages by adding blocks and  trust me wordpress provided insane list of blocks to add in your blog post. See the complete list in below image.

Gutenberg Blocks

In the right sidebar there are two tabs Document & Block.  Document tab has all the configuration related to your blog post such as Status & Visibility, Categories, Tags, Featured Image, Excerpt, Discussion and Post attributes. 

In the Block tab you will find the settings related to the the block you are currently working on such font size, font color, text color, background color and if you want you can put custom CSS class for any specific class.

In Gutenberg every block is full of feature and has it’s own settings and it’s not possible to highlight the features of all the blocks in one blog post.

Don’t forget to share your experience with WordPress Gutenberg Editor.

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