Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation: A Beginner Guide

So, You have heard enough about Marketing Automation and finally decided to use it but still have many questions?

  • What exactly is Marketing Automation?
  • Am I going to get benefit by Using Automation?
  • Why should I use Automation?
  • How to use Automation?

In this article, you will get the answer to all your questions. Let’s start with What exactly is Marketing Automation.

What exactly is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is like a storytelling, using it you can automate & personalize the communication process on the basis of user behavior. You can create a work flow using user activity such as page visit, email activity, SMS activity and event and on the basis of it, you can trigger a personalized communication to the user.

So, let’s suppose a bunch of users didn’t respond to email in last one week so you can create a work flow where software will check this condition and if it found true system will automatically send a text SMS to all those users. This is just a single use case of Marketing Automation. You can create use case and work flow according to your goal.

When I first started using marketing automation, I have seen a hike of more than 60% in my email open rates and click rate was increased by more than 100%.

Benefits of Marketing Automation 

The biggest benefit of Marketing Automation is it helps you increase the conversion and makes your marketing more effective. People love personalized content and it results in conversion while generalize content looks like a spam.

It reduces the manual effort too. Let’s assume a scenario where you are not using Marketing Automation but want to send a personalized communication. Now see the pain you have to take:

Step 1: Execute an email campaign.

Step 2: After two days filter our how many of your contacts have opened the email and how many haven’t

Step 3: Out of openers how many have clicked on the link.

Step 4: Now you have to upload all three types of user separately on your panel and send them an email again.

Step 5: After a week when you have already sent 3 campaigns now you want to find out those users who have not opened any of the emails. If you are using any advanced email marketing platform you will be able to filter out those users using segment.

Step 6: Upload phone number of these users on your SMS panel and send the SMS.

See, how complex this is to manage. Now if you are using Marketing Automation you only to create a work flow and you are awesome to go. Now Let’s see how this will work for you.

Step 1:  If a user exists in list 101 and visited “shoes” page on my website.

Step 2:  Send a mailer with shortlisted shoes.

Step 3: Wait for 2 days.

Step 4: If a user opened the email & click on the link but not purchased send them a discount coupon. If a user didn’t open the email send them a mailer at the different time with a different subject line.

Step 5: If the user didn’t open the second email as well send SMS with coupon code.

Keep repeating this automation flow every week. Only you have to keep track of content’s performance and change them accordingly.

Who should use Marketing Automation?

Either you are doing B2C or B2B marketing and don’t want to spam your user then you must use Marketing Automation. Initially, you may find it difficult to create work flow and keep track of performance but once you will get apt to this you will feel the difference.

Things to keep in mind while creating Marketing Automation Strategy

Identify your target audience: Before creating work flow you must identify the audience you want to target in this work flow and create the content accordingly.

Decide the Goal: Second thing you must know your goal to achieve through automation otherwise you will not be able to design your work flow properly.

Don’t design & forget: Marketing Automation is not a thing which you can design & forget and it will keep driving you conversion. You have to keep track of communication performance, optimize your if / else condition etc.

More than email Marketing: Many times marketers get confused that marketing automation is just another name for email marketing but this is not the truth. Marketing Automation consists multiple marketing platforms which talk to each other take action accordingly.

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